Special Orders
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To create a Special Order, start a new transaction by clicking New in the top right corner of the transactions page, or by clicking New Transaction from a client’s page. Choose Special Order as the transaction type.

Enter the information on the Details tab, then go to the SKUs tab. To add a Nonstock SKU, click the Nonstock SKU button and choose the correct product. Enter the price of the product, enter any discounts, choose if it is taxable, and click Save when finished. If you would like to link a specific product or vendor to the transaction, use the Linked Product button. Enter the vendor, then check the Linked Vendor box or search for a specific product #, then click Next and enter the information for the Nonstock SKU.

If the client is making any payments, add them on the Payments tab then click Save. Your Special Order has been created. When you are ready to replace the Nonstock SKU with a physical item, go to the SKUs page and click on the Nonstock SKU. Scroll to the bottom of the dialog box and click Assign SKU. Enter the SKU # you want to add to the order, then click Save. The Nonstock SKU will be replaced with the physical item.

When the full balance of the Special Order is paid, you will be prompted to close the transaction. If you are finished adding SKUs and payments, click Yes and enter a close date to close the transaction.

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