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To return an item and refund any payments to the client, create a new transaction and choose Return. Enter the information on the Details tab, then go to the SKUs tab.

Use the Return Item button to add items to the transaction that the client would like to return. If the same client purchased the item, choose Same Client Purchased. If another client made the original purchase, click Different Client Purchased.

Choosing Same Client Purchased will open a list of the SKU#s the selected client has purchased. Select the item you want to return. The price and any discounts from the original transaction will be automatically entered. Click Save.

Choosing Different Client Purchased will allow you to search for a SKU you wish to return. You will need to enter any discounts that were applied to the original purchase, then click Save.

When you are finished adding items to the return, go to the payments tab. Click Add Payment, then enter how the money will be refunded to the client. Click Save.
Click Save to close the return and return all SKUs to stock.

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