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To create a Repair, start a new transaction by clicking New in the top right corner of the transactions page, or by clicking New Transaction from a client’s page. Choose Jewelry or Watch Repair as the transaction type.

Enter the information on the Details tab, then click Save.

Enter the information about the repair on the Job Info tab. You can enter a due date, estimated insurance value, estimate to repair, and whether the item is under warranty, as well as the description of the item and the scope of work. By default, the client name will print on the receipt for repairs – to hide the client’s information, check the Hide Client on Receipt box.

On the Status tab, you can update the current status of the repair. Click Add to add a new status, then enter the status code, date, and description. Click Save to add the status. To mark an existing status as complete, click on the status and check the Completed box, then click Save.

To add photos to the repair, click More and choose Item Images. Click Capture to take a photo with your device’s camera, or click Upload to add a file already saved to your device.

The Details tab functions the same as other transaction types, with separate tabs for Details, SKUs, and Payments. When you are ready to close the repair transaction, choose Close Transaction from the menu at the top right, to the right of the Print Job Ticket button.

Change and View History

By clicking the more options button to the right of Print Receipt, you can see the Change and View History of each transaction. Change History shows a record of each time the transaction had any change made to it by any user, and the View History shows the dates each user has viewed the transaction.

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