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Client Contact Information
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The Contact Information tab shows all the contact details that have been entered for the client and which is their primary email, phone number, and address.

Use the add button under each section to add additional information. Click the Make Primary button to change which email, phone number, or address will be used when creating new transactions for that client.

To verify a client’s email address or phone number, click Send Verification Email or Send Verification SMS. After the client has verified their information, a checkmark will appear in the Verified column. After a client has verified their email address, you can choose to email receipts directly to the client by choosing Send E-mail Receipt from the print receipt dropdown on any transaction.

To edit a method of contacting a client, click on the information you would like to change. From the Edit window, you can change the contact details and type, or deactivate old information.

Below the client’s contact information, you can select Call, Text, or Email as preferred methods of contact and choose their primary contact method from the dropdown menu.

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