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From the Browse Inventory screen, click the filter button to browse. Then choose if you’d like to browse by Vendor or by Item type.

Browsing by Vendor

Enter the vendor’s name into the vendor search box and select the vendor you want to browse.

To browse all locations, leave the location search box empty. To specify one or more locations, add each location by searching for it or choosing it in the drop down menu.

Choose whether you’d like to browse only In Stock, Out of Stock, or all items in the Qty. In Stock menu, and only Not Allocated, Allocated, or all items in the Allocated menu.

If you need to filter items by price, enter a minimum or maximum price at the bottom of the Vendor menu.

Vendors can be assigned attributes on the Vendor Attributes page in the Admin section. These attributes will appear in the right panel after selecting a vendor. Make any attribute selections you’d like to apply to your search and click Show Results. To start over, click clear to reset all filters.

Your results can be sorted by quantity, price, and date received by using the sort feature in the top right corner of the results. Above the sort options are a toggle for grid view with item previews or list view without previews. Click the filter button if you’d like to make any changes to your search parameters.

Browsing by Item Type

Browsing by Item Type has most of the same options as browsing by vendor, but instead allows you to choose an item type as your filter. Like vendors, item types can be assigned attributes on the Item Attributes page in the Admin section. These attributes will be visible in the right column after you select an item type. Make your selections and click Show Results to see all relevant items.

Note: Only products that have had attributes entered will show up in Browse Inventory when using attribute filters.

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