Merchandise Received
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In the Merchandise Received section, you can create new or view existing merchandise received records. To add a new Merchandise Received, click new in the top right corner and enter the Vendor name, store location, and date. You can also enter the Invoice #, cost of freight, any notes, and choose to mark the merchandise as a Memo.

To add items to your Merchandise Received, select it from the Merchandise Received list and click Add by SKU for multiple quantity SKUs, or Add by Product to create a new SKU #. Add by Product allows you to enter the Quantity, Cost, Serial #, and Warranty #, and to create a new product if necessary.

While viewing a Merchandise Received record, choose Print Report in the top right corner to generate a printable record. If you need to make changes to the Date Received, Invoice #, Notes, Location, or Freight cost, click the edit button to the right of Print Report.

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