Purchase Orders
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In the Purchase Orders section, you can create new or view existing purchase orders. To add a new Purchase Order, click new in the top right corner and enter the account name, store location, and any notes. You can also choose to mark the merchandise as a memo.

To add items to a Purchase Order, click the add button and enter the product #, quantity, and cost, then click Save.

To receive items, click Mark Received. For items with a quantity of more than 1, click Mark Received once per item until the correct number displays in the Qty. Received column.

To edit the quantity ordered or unit cost of a product you have added, click the Edit button, enter the new information, then click Save.

While viewing a Purchase Order, choose Print in the top right corner to generate a printable record. If you need to make changes to account, location, notes, or memo status, click the edit button in the menu at the top right corner.

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