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Types of Reports
Types of Reports
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My Sales

My Sales displays sales associated with the user currently logged into Crystal. To view sales by another salesperson, see the Sales Items report.

My Client Wishlist

My Client Wishlist displays wishlist items added by the user currently logged into Crystal. To view wishlist items added by another salesperson, see the Client Wishlist report.

Sales Items

The Sales Items report displays information about items sold, the transaction with which they are associated, and more.


The Transactions report displays information about transactions of a certain type, date range, or status.


The Clients report displays information about clients based on the date or location the client record was created, the amount spent by the client, and more.


The Inventory report displays information about physical items in inventory in certain categories, locations, received on specific dates, or on memo. Use the As Of Date filter to view inventory quantity as it was on a previous date.

Merchandise Items

Use the Merchandise Items report to view items received or returned in a specific location, category, or date range.


The Repairs report displays records of repair transaction types of a specific type or status, within a certain date range.


The Payments report shows a record of payments filtered by type, date, location, salesperson, and more.

Linked Products

The Linked Products report displays information about transactions associated with linked products.


The Vendor report displays information about the cost, quantity, turnover, and more for products sold by a specific vendor.

Client Wishlist

The Client Wishlist report generates information about products added to client wishlists.


The TBC report shows the amount collected and the amount due of all clients who have used TBC as a payment method.

Gift Cards

The Gift Cards report displays the original amount, amount redeemed, and remaining balance of gift cards.

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