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Setting up your Zebra Tag Printer
Setting up your Zebra Tag Printer
Setup and configure your Zebra tag printer for use with Crystal.
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Troubleshooting Zebra ZD420 & Zebra ZD421 Tag Printer For Crystal Tags

In order to print the Crystal tags in a way that is correct and readable, the settings must be correct on the Zebra ZD420 printers. The printers occasionally reset to their default settings. The printers should not need to be re-installed to update the settings. The guide is intended to provide a quick overview of the settings that impact the way the tags print.

What to do if only some tags are printing incorrectly?

If only some tags are having trouble printing, it is likely an issue with the inventory item itself. If the tag description or serial number is too long, it can cause the tags to print unpredictably. Before adjusting any settings, be sure the product elements are appropriately long.

What to do if tags are not printing correctly?

  1. The first step to troubleshoot tag printing problems is to try to power-down and unplug the printer. Let the printer reset for about 30 seconds and then try powering on the printer and re-try printing. It might also be worth restarting your computer if you haven’t done that recently.

  2. Check the printer settings (some screenshots may be from different model printers, but will help guide through navigation).

    1. To locate the printer settings, search for Printers and Scanners in the windows search bar:

  1. Find the ZD420 printer and access the printer settings by clicking ‘Manage’. Then click on ‘Printer Properties’ as shown below.

From the Printer Properties screen, click ‘Preferences…’ to open the screens below.

Verify the Page Setup and Print Options highlighted below. (NOTE: These settings do not need to be exactly the same. Some printers will require slight adjustments to ensure the tags print correctly. The numbers should be close, however. When in doubt, restart with these values and adjust incrementally).

After changing any settings, click Apply.

What to do if paper tags are misaligned with the printer?

The ZD420 printer has a built-in calibration tool for aligning the tags with the prints. To calibrate the printer, press and hold both the Pause button and X buttons on the printer for a few seconds. (NOTE: sometimes the printer will fail to calibrate and will start to unroll a bunch of tags as it attempts to calibrate. If this starts to happen (if it goes through more than 5-6 tags), you will need to open the printer to get it to stop unspooling, and you will need to roll the tags back up to prevent wasting them. After re-spooling, power-down the printer, and restart it before trying to re-calibrate.)

If you have any questions or concerns about these steps or this document, please don’t hesitate to reach out to to get additional help with you printer configuration.

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