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E-Commerce Settings
E-Commerce Settings

Getting started with your e-commerce integration with Crystal? Here's some tips to help!

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E-Commerce Settings

How To Use This Page

This page allows you to quickly view and edit what is included when you use the Crystal Integration to sync to your E-Commerce store. From here, you can quickly select which item types are included, which vendors are included, and which products and SKUs are included. You also have access to some additional settings that impact which items sync.


The Account/Product/SKU table organizes and displays your inventory as

-> Vendor/Accounts

-> Products

-> SKUs

In this table, you can select which Accounts are included to sync through your E-Commerce integration, which products sync, and which SKUs sync. Additionally, this view is helpful to quickly get a big-picture view of which items you currently are or are not syncing to E-Commerce.

It is important to note that selecting a vendor to be included in E-Commerce will not automatically select all products under that vendor to be included. Selecting a product, however, will cause all SKUs under that product to be selected; these SKUs can be manually de-selected if you do not want them all to be included.

Item Types

In the Item Types table, you can see a list of all your Item Types and whether or not they are selected to be included in E-Commerce. These items are organized by a parent item type and child item types:

Selecting the parent Product Type will automatically select all children product types, but these can be manually de-selected if necessary. It is important to note that the Child Product Types that you want to include must be selected; only selecting the parent product type and no child product types will not sync any of the items. For example from the image above, having ‘Jewelry’ selected, will not automatically cause ‘Jewelry - Loose Diamonds’ to sync; the specific Child Item Type must be selected.

Additional E-Commerce Settings

Do you want product selection to override vendor selections in E-commerce products sync?

This setting will cause a product to sync to your E-Commerce site if the product/SKU is selected to be included in E-Commerce, even if the vendor is not selected. This option is helpful for stores that focus more on individual products than brands.

Show products on E-commerce when quantity is '0'

By default products will not sync to your E-Commerce store if their quantity on hand is zero. This setting allows those items to sync to your E-Commerce store and appear as 'Out of Stock', per your E-Commerce store configuration.

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