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Sync to E-Commerce by Product
Sync to E-Commerce by Product

Setup instructions for how to setup syncing your products to your e-commerce website.

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Users have the ability to flag items to sync to e-commerce by the product record type in Crystal with the ability to modify details of the product to be more marketing friendly for end users consuming on a website.

Users can select to view a product and navigate to the ‘E-Commerce’ tab from the ‘More…’ menu.

On the ‘E-Commerce’ tab, you can then make changes to how this product will display in your webstore, such as product images, thumbnails for the products online, the name you want displayed, online specific pricing, tags, custom CTAs and much more.

Other things that can be modified are custom descriptions that you can modify and customize with HTML markup. Products can be flagged to allow for them to be backordered and fulfilled at a later date. Then, the last and final setting is the market to ‘Include on E-Commerce’ which marks to be integrated with the e-commerce app you use.

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