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E-Commerce Orders Overview
E-Commerce Orders Overview

Learn how to access, view and manage your e-commerce orders from Crystal.

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Organizations will also be able to see all of their e-commerce related transactions from Crystal as well. On the ‘Marketing’ tab in the main navigation menu, if you select ‘E-Commerce Orders’ (Note: these web transactions can also be found on the main Transactions menu item under ‘Find a Transaction’ and searching by the online order transaction prefix ‘WEB’). When you select this in the menu, it will bring you to a list of the online orders you have received.

If you click on one of the orders it takes you to all of the details of that particular order.

You can see a breakdown of pertinent details like customer information, close date, tax information, etc.

Clicking on the SKUs tab shows the items that were ordered/sold with key details, quantity, price and tax.

On the Payments tab, you can see what payment method the customer paid with and the details of how the payment was recorded for reporting and accounting purposes.

Lastly, if you click on the ‘E-Commerce’ tab under ‘More…’ you’re able to see shipping and fulfillment related information necessary for the order, which gets pulled in directly from the e-commerce app. Also, you can make updates to the fulfillment drop down here manually and Crystal will update the e-commerce application with this information.

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