Master Products

Information on how to create and view Master Products in Crystal.

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Creating a Master Product:

To create a new Master Product, go to the Find a Product page in the Inventory section and click 'New' in the top right corner. Be sure to click the toggle at the top of the screen to let Crystal know you want this product to be a Master Product.

Viewing a Master Product:

Master Products can be found when navigating around the Crystal application in numerous ways. You can navigate to a Master Product from a product detail page when a product variant is associated to a Master Product.

Clicking on the link for the Master Product under the 'Master Product' field on the detail view.

Note: You can tell when you're on the Master Product record when you see the tag next to the product number with the key icon and "Master" label next to it.

The same applies when you search for a product through Browse Inventory or Find a Product, navigating to the product in question and looking for the Master Product link on the detail page.

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