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Adding Product Variants
Adding Product Variants

Information on how to create product variants for use in Crystal.

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To add product variants, go to the 'Variants' tab of the Master Product. In the menu at the top right, choose Link Variant to an existing product to this master (this will help you link products you already have in your inventory and mapping them to your Master Products), or click to 'Add Variant' to create a new product.

To attach an existing product to a Master Product:

In that search box, you would enter the product number you want to associate then click 'Save' to finish.

To create a new product variant:

Click the 'Add Variant' option from the menu above on the Master Product page.

Fill out all the details in the 'Create' dialog and click 'Save'.

After adding a variant, refresh your browser to see them on the 'Variants' tab on the Master Product page.

Clicking on the Variants on this page will take you to the Product Variant detail page.

Notice the Variant adds the suffix to the product to denote the variant name, in the example above it's a Marco Bicego necklace that is yellow gold or YG.

For each product variant, ensure to select the appropriate attributes you want used for display and organization on any inventory management features or in your e-commerce integrations.

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