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Getting Started with Quickbooks Online
Getting Started with Quickbooks Online

Getting started steps to get your Quickbooks Online account connected with Crystal.

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Getting started - What to expect

Welcome! This series of articles will introduce you to and walk you through the Crystal integration with QuickBooks Online (US).

While Crystal is the source of truth for your sales and inventory data, we understand the need to sync that information with QuickBooks for general reporting, business health analysis, tax filing and more. We’ve tried to optimize the information related to sales and inventory that we sync to provide your accounting system with the most relevant information that is easily auditable and accessible, but is not just a copy and paste from what you see in Crystal.

We’ll cover the specifics of exactly how each piece of information syncs in the different sections of the setup, configuration, and testing. First, we want to ensure that you have the confidence to connect Crystal to QuickBooks. Accounting is an important facet of business operations and analytics that needs to be accurate to be valuable. The act of entering transaction data and reconciling can be time consuming and reversing certain entries can be difficult. When you connect to QuickBooks and set up the integration with Crystal, we won’t automatically start syncing any data. You can test the sync to ensure it meets your needs without creating a headache in your books.

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