Connecting to Crystal

Connecting to QBO in Crystal app and setting up how you want data to transfer.

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Connecting to Crystal

As briefly mentioned in the getting started topic, connecting Crystal to QuickBooks is safe and easy. Crystal won’t sync any transaction, inventory, or other data automatically. Crystal doesn’t retrieve or store any personally identifiable information (PII) data from QuickBooks while connecting or syncing. You can also disconnect Crystal from QuickBooks at any time.

That being said, some businesses that are actively using QuickBooks may have ongoing operations that should not be affected until a new accounting period begins. During the initial setup and testing of the integration with Crystal, it’s absolutely possible to use a test or demo QuickBooks file instead of the businesses active file. At the end of the testing period, the test file can be disconnected from Crystal, the live file connected and configured, and the integration used live going forward.

To begin connecting Crystal to QuickBooks, use the left navigation menu to access Accounting > QuickBooks > Settings.

As Crystal isn’t currently connected, there will only be the option to Connect to QuickBooks at the top of the page.

Clicking Connect to QuickBooks will open the QuickBooks login screen to authorize the company file for access to Crystal. Follow the steps to connect and allow Crystal access to make changes to QuickBooks.

During connection, Crystal will only download your company preferences, chart of account names, and product names list as previously described in the setting up your QuickBooks article[Link] for use in configuring the subsequent sections. No new transaction data will be synced until you request it.

After a successful connection, the page will return to Crystal. Navigating again to Accounting > QuickBooks, Crystal will signify the connection is recognized by marking QuickBooks as connected.

Now we’ll move on to configuring accounts and products. Remember, at any time you can disconnect Crystal from QuickBooks by going to the three dots [...] in the top right of this page and selecting disconnect.

Note: Disconnecting erases Crystal’s link to data in QuickBooks. During active use of the integration it is not recommended to disconnect unless you are no longer using QuickBooks or are opening a new company file.

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