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What's Next for Quickbooks Online Integration?
What's Next for Quickbooks Online Integration?

Updates what's coming next, beta instructions and much, much more.

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What’s next?

There are several additional features and ease of use changes scheduled for release in the coming weeks as the beta kicks off. Below is a list of planned functionality that will be released during this phase, some future roadmap possibilities, and a way to provide us with feedback. Thank you for participating!

Beta release items

  • Choose different periods to sync transactions (i.e. daily, weekly, custom dates)

  • Automated syncing

    • Set up a scheduled sync to happen automatically on the frequency of your choosing

  • Sync non-transaction related expenses

    • Include other data generated through the point of sale on journal entries, such as when a payout is made from the cash register for an employee expense

Future roadmap

Give us your feedback

We’re incredibly excited for you to give the integration a try and want to know any thoughts you have about the sync. One of the best parts about being an early adopter is having much more direct and rapid access to influence any changes that we can make to improve the integration and add functionality.

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